Dragon Group International

Company Profile

Founded in 1990, Dragon Group International Limited (“Dragon Group” or “DGI”), an investment holding company, debuted on the Singapore Exchange-SESDAQ in September 1994. It subsequently progressed onto the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange in September 1998. In June 2006, Dragon Group became a subsidiary of ASTI Holdings Limited (“ASTI”), one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturing services providers.

The Group’s three principal business activities comprises distribution of electronic components and test consumables undertaken by Spire Technologies Pte Ltd; supply of semiconductor equipment, materials and tooling, undertaken by Dragon Equipment and Materials Technology Limited; and Nanjing Dragon Treasure Boat Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary that is involved in the construction of the Dragon Treasure Boat. This project is a joint venture with the Gulou District Government of Nanjing. The Dragon Treasure Boat is a replica of Admiral Zhenghe’s treasure boat sailed across the world in the Ming Dynasty. 

The Group also engaged in the development of battery and storage solutions through EoCell. The research and development centre is located at the United States of America.

Headquartered in Singapore, Dragon Group has subsidiaries and representative offi ces across China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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